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Scramble Eggs

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Scramble eggs are very easy to make. In this recipe, I will show you how to make soft and hard scramble. This guide will give you the best way of how to make your own scramble eggs.



Texture is everything in making scramble eggs. There is many ways on how to make them but I'm going to show you the main two that everyone mostly eats. The two main difference is soft and hard. A soft scramble is when you mix the eggs so fast while cooking that the eggs start to curdle into little pieces of egg. A hard scramble is mostly your diner or burrito way of making eggs. Where you leave the eggs alone for awhile then you break them apart making big chunks of egg. A hard scramble is really the one you want to hold something together inside some bread while soft scramble is more custard and oozy into a recipe.


This Is a hard scramble with cheese and my favorite hot sauce.

These are soft scramble eggs



Hard Scramble:

  1. Put the pan on medium low heat

  2. Add 1 tbs of butter

  3. Pour your eggs into the pan and wait a little bit for the eggs to gently cook

  4. Break the egg apart and chop it into big pieces of egg

Soft Scramble:

  1. Put the pan on medium low heat

  2. Add 1 tbs of butter

  3. Pour the eggs in the pan and start turning your spatula very fast inside the eggs.

  4. Keep moving the pan off and on the heat so the scramble eggs dont cook so fast

  5. Your going to see this custard like texture and just keep the pan off the heat turning those eggs until they become so small they look like little balls

Add on

  1. Sour cream: To bring out richness and color to the eggs

  2. Shredded Cheese: Just to have some nice cheesy eggs

  3. Crème fraiche: Has less fat then cream cheese so it goes well with the eggs texture

  4. Milk: People like to put it in the eggs before cooking.

  5. Salt and pepper: For taste

  6. Hot sauce: For taste

Amount per person

The amount per person is always going to be 3 eggs. Three eggs is the total amount for a person to be able eat good every day. It is known that 3 eggs can help with cholesterol and diseases. This is why a lot restaurants started giving out 3 eggs for your scramble eggs.


Now there been a popular thing in fancy restaurants where chefs are putting their eggs through a fine mesh strainer. This process make the eggs tighter and leaves any big chunks from the eggs away. I would understand if your trying something different and want to see what it taste like but to be honest, you can barely taste the difference. Its just more dishes and time consuming then just pouring the eggs in the pan.


Hopefully this gave a broad aspect of scramble eggs and how to properly make them. Like it says in my bio, eggs are a versatile ingredient in everyday recipes. The different ways of making them I've seen from many brilliant chefs and just by online. Once you overly repeat making these eggs, this will show what kind of cook you really are. Have Fun Scrambling!!

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