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From My Kitchen to Yours: The Story of BenBakerywonders

Meet Ben, and learn all about his passion!


Hey there, I'm Ben and this is Ben's Bakery Wonders. Growing up, when my mother would get off work she would cook me and my friends one of the best foods I've ever had. My Dad was the BBQ guy who taught me the teaching of fire and how to control it just to make some good-ass burgers. The age where I started to cook for myself was when I was 11.


The first thing I ever cooked was an egg. It was the most basic but very terrifying ingredient out of everything else. You can cook a lot of different recipes with an egg. One of those recipes turns out to be my favorite, which is white homemade bread. When I started making bread I loved being alone and learning the techniques of how to make it perfect.


This is where my love of baking came in. I will admit this website won't only talk about baking but also about different categories of cooking and drinking put into this wonderful world.

Christmas Decorations

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