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Salted toasted Pumpkin seed powder

With Pumpkin seeds already being one of the best seeds to eat every year, making it into powder is a really great versatile ingredient. I put it inside pumpkin batter for pumpkin cheesecake or pie. It brings out a toasty and earthy taste to the dish. Cooking this will make your house smell so good i am not even kidding.




  1. Scrape all the pumpkin seeds from your pumpkin and separate the guts and seeds from each other.

  2. Put the seeds into a bowl with cold water as you wash them, the rest of the strands of pumpkin will conjoin making it easier to pick off.

  3. Dry your seeds and start to add a little bit of oil in a hot pan on medium heat.

  4. Add the seeds and toast them gently.

  1. You want the seeds to have a nice brown but not too dark color.

  2. Add them hot in a spice grinder and blend until they turn into a clump powder.


Storage life

Keep them in a Ziplock bag for at least a couple weeks for better taste.

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