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Pumpkin Puree

We're starting off on the season with some fresh pumpkin puree. You know the saying "when it homemade it always better". This Pumpkin Puree has a sweet delicate pumpkin taste to it. It will Defiantly be better than the can stuff that you get at the grocery store. Try it out, you will love it!




  1. Scrape all the pumpkin guts inside one big pumpkin and separate the seeds from them.

  2. Then turn your oven too 350 and add your pumpkin to a sheet pan.

  3. Oil it all over and cook for at 35 to 45 min till a fork can go through.

  4. Get your pumpkin and cut in quarts so peeling the skin can be easier.

  5. Get your pumpkin guts and whole pumpkin and add them in a food processor to blend into a smooth puree. It better you do this while the pumpkin is still hot too.


Storage life

Keep inside a glass container sealed inside a fridge for at least a couple of weeks for best flavor.

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