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Well God ol mighty I swear this old school drink will make you sit on the couch and love life to the never end. This drink was originally invented in 1930 by a guy name Francisco "Pancho" Morales when a female came in asking for a Magnolia. Morales only remember the Cointreau in the drink so he improvised and add tequila and lime and the woman loved it. He soon gave it to his sister in law named Margaret (Margarita) Sames who then created the formula of the drink to the founder of the Hilton hotel chain. After all that it became a huge hit and people started ordering Margaritas everywhere around the world.




  • 1 1/2 oz of your favorite tequila (Tequila Blanco are better for this drink though)

  • 1 oz of Cointreau

  • 1 whole lime juice

  • 1 oz of agave syrup



  1. Pour everything inside a cocktail shaker with ice in it

  2. Grab a glass and rim the outer lip of the glass with salt

  3. Pour your drink inside the glass and drink up!


* Remember to drink responsibly but also have some fun

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